Helping Customers Get A Fire Permit In Los Angeles County


Triad File Consultants is a fully insured consulting firm that specializes in high piled combustible storage design, analysis, and helping customers like you in retrieving a fire permit Los Angeles County. We are updated on the latest fire codes currently enforced, and we are here to help you. Call (909) 393-9477.

A business needs various licenses and permits—all required by the government—before conducting its operations. The requirements vary depending on the type of products or services offered and where it is located. If your business is within the Los Angeles County, you may need a fire permit Los Angeles County. This permit imposes conditions regarding fire use and can only be provided by an authorized issuing body in your area.

Fire regulations and codes were created to keep you and your employees safe from accidents that may occur when combustible materials are stored inappropriately. It’s always a good idea to check with local fire department before you start operating your business to determine if a fire inspection is required. As a rule, a building with high piled storage of more than 500 square feet and is considered as a ‘high-piled combustible storage’ needs a fire permit Los Angeles County. This is because high piled storage could become a fire hazard, depending on the materials’ combustibility and the density of the space.

If you are not sure if there are any fire hazards in your place of business, consult with Triad Fire Consultants, Inc. We are a fully insured firm that can analyze, design, and retrieve permits for your high piled combustible storage. Leave the work to us— we will take care of all the paperwork, signatures, and fees required to get your permit.  Consult with our experts now by calling (909) 393-9477.