Get A Fire Permit In Riverside County


Obtain a fire permit in Riverside County with the help of Triad Fire Consultants, Inc. Our expertise in high piled combustible permit retrieval, design, and storage analysis make us qualified to give you tips and sound advice regarding fire codes, building permits, and high pile permits. Get a fast quote today.

If you have any kind of high-piled combustible storage in your place of business, then you need a fire permit if you are in Riverside County. This ensures that you are authorized to house a high-piled combustible storage facility and that the fire department can efficiently extinguish any fire that may occur in your premises.

High amounts of piled combustible storage increase your fire hazard; this is because complex storage methods can make it difficult for firefighters to extinguish fires. Storage heights that are up to 60 feet can become problems, too. Your storage configuration can influence the behavior of fire in your building, so you need to take preventative fire risk reduction measures.

In case a fire does occur in your Riverside County building, proper maintenance and fire code compliant arrangements can ensure safe evacuation. Your storage facility needs to be checked and certified; you to provide safe access for emergency evacuation and for the firefighters who might need to get inside and come out safely.

Fire protection requirements are determined by the kind of storage you own, the containers, and the combustible materials being stored. They can also be determined by the amount, arrangement, and height of your piled storage. To make sure that your business obtains the proper fire permit for Riverside County, you need to comply with the latest codes.

Our experts here at Triad Fire Consultants, Inc. can help you do that. We are the consulting firm to turn to when it comes to high piled combustible storage design, analysis, and retrieval of permits.