Get Your High Pile Storage Permit in Los Angeles County


Triad Fire Consultants can take care of your needs in high pile storage Los Angeles County. We can provide quality reporting and analysis to help you make an educated decision on following fire and building codes for your project. Talk to us about your needs and get a fast quote now.

The most important information you need to know about high pile storage Los Angeles County can be found in the 2006 International Building Code—Section 413. The section requires all kinds of high piled combustible storage or stock to comply with the International Fire Code, and clarifies combustible storage in concealed and under-floor areas or spaces. Your business may be allowed to have piles exceeding the maximum high-pile height, as long as you comply with building codes and obtain the necessary permits.

There are various factors that need to be addressed to ensure complete compliance with the regulations of the IFC regarding high-plied combustible storage, including:

1.    Fire detection system
2.    Automatic fire extinguishing system
3.    Heat and smoke removal
4.    Building access
5.    Maximum pile dimensions and volume
6.    Draft curtains
7.    Maximum permissible storage height

Keep in mind that these factors may vary depending on the size of your storage facility and the types of materials that you are storing.

Learn more about fire codes and consult with high pile storage analysts here at Triad Fire Consultants, Inc. We are a consulting firm that is fully insured and specializing in the analysis, permit retrieval, and design of high piled combustible storage. We have a 100% approval rate and we can help you secure your high pile storage Los Angeles County permit. By using our decades of experience as well as our industry connections, we can make the permit process as easy as possible for your business.

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