Fire Permit San Bernardino County


New fire codes are being enforced, requiring you to have high pile and building permits for submission and approval before they are given to you. Our expertise in getting a fire permit in San Bernardino County can help you make an informed decision about those matters. Contact us to start a new project or for a quick quote.

One of the most crucial permits that you must have for your high pile storage business in San Bernardino County is a fire permit. To get a fire permit San Bernardino County, you need to abide by local the fire and building codes.

A permit will be granted based on different factors, such as the materials stored, the manner that they are stacked, the storage materials, and the way they are organized. More materials in your storage facility means more fuel for fire. Piles that are 12 feet or higher in height as well as storage facilities that are disorganized may cause you to be disapproved.

Requirements for fire protection are provided based on the type of storage commodity, taking into consideration the containers, packing materials, and combination of products in the high pile storage facility. Quantity, arrangement, height, and method of storage are considered, too.

The key to protecting buildings and employees is to ensure adequate fire protection for storage arrangements and the commodity types in place, and this is evaluated by the Office of the Fire Marshall when reviewing your high pile storage plan. Evaluations are also conducted based on fire prevention inspections, which are held periodically.

Consulting with high pile storage experts can increase your chances of securing a fire permit San Bernardino County. These consultants have the skills and knowledge in storage analysis and design. They are also updated on the requirements for retrieving permits and know the new fire codes even before they are enforced, so you can get approved on time.

Talk to qualified consultants here at Triad Fire Consultants, Inc. We can help you make sure that your building is up to the latest standards in storage design, so you can get the required permits.