High Pile Storage Permit Orange County


Apply for a high pile storage permit Orange County through Triad Fire Consultants. We specialize in high piled combustible storage reporting and analysis, and we can help you make an informed decision when it comes to getting a suitable permit for your business. Contact us today for a quick quote.

Businesses that require storage of materials, whether metal items or plastic commodities, must adhere to specific codes that tell how and where these kinds of commodities can be stored and piled within a building or space so that fire damage can be reduced. The International Fire Code (IFC )delineates rules and standards to determine when a permit is needed for this kind of high rack storage.

According to the IFC, any building where the designated area for high storage exceeds 500 square feet is required to have a high pile storage permit to continue operations. These regulations help keep employees, business owners, and even properties safe from any and all hazards that can occur when combustible materials are stored inappropriately. If you think your building is in need of a high pile storage permit in Orange County, you may consult with us here at Triad Fire Consultants.

A storage of combustible materials is considered high pile if it exceeds 12 feet in height—this includes combustible materials that are stored in loosely packaged piles or on industrial shelving and racks. The fire code also includes high-hazard commodities and highly flammable materials like rubber tires and flammable liquids.

Combustible materials and commodities must be stored in appropriate storage configurations to reduce fire damage. Triad Fire Consultants can help you acquire the appropriate high pile storage permit in Orange County, California for your business. We offer a complete analysis of your space through thorough inspection and proper analysis and reporting to make sure your building adheres to all code regulations set by the IFC and the International Building Code.